Ian Chittle, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Ian Chittle, Licensed Mental Health Counselor



Solutions to our problems often get started with a certain kind of conversation. Whether its revisiting the past, reflecting on the present, or talking about the future; compassionate dialogue actually gets things in motion. In contrast, repeating the same stories and patterns of thinking alone can further ingrain our suffering. A conversation together can lead to seeing and doing things differently and finding solutions that we just could not see on our own.


Desired change can happen without solving every single one of our problems. These small glimpses of hope and change can be uncovered and amplified to reach our goals and grow contentment. 


In practicing a more balanced, non-judgmental and curious reflection upon ourselves and others, we can even spur a sense of personal well-being and happiness in our relationships. Combining mindfulness with ecotherapy, nutrition, and behavior change research; sets the stage for a counseling experience that breaks the stereotypical mold and becomes a meaningful and even enjoyable endeavor.

I work with adults and teenagers in Gig Harbor, Washington. I also have clients across the state of Washington using online video counseling.

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