Ian Chittle, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Ian Chittle, Licensed Mental Health Counselor


I help people that are feeling anxious and depressed, feel less anxious and depressed.

And maybe even start feeling connected, calm, and happy or at least better able to tolerate the uncomfortable parts of life and still keep moving towards the things that matter most to you.

Relationships are sometimes a roller coaster ride (or maybe mostly so). And we are rarely taught or shown how to make relationships go well, what to do with emotion and troubling thoughts, or how to manage our impulses to avoid stuff, drink alcoholic stuff, or smoke consciousness-changing stuff.

As teenagers or adults, how do we figure this life-thing out? And if we want personal growth and clarity, how do we get un-stuck?

Call me crazy, but I really believe that showing up for counseling on a weekly basis is the courageous practice that can spark change; within us and between us... at home, at work, at school, and across the world.

I commonly work with teenage and adult men on common men’s issues like anger, irritability, work stress, procrastination, and self esteem. And while a higher percentage of my clients are male, I also build strong working relationships with women and people of all gender identifications. I also welcome people of all sexual orientations, racial identifications, and political affiliations!

I am someone that challenges myself daily to see things from new perspectives and be fully present and aware to more fully understand my clients, my own family and myself. I believe kindness and compassionate inquiry are a path to healing wounds. I have experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness, and stress management.

I have a background working with teenagers and adults in various community clinics, as well as at a university counseling center. I am always excited to begin working with someone new. Sometimes the work together is brief to begin some change; and sometimes the work is over months and years. Counseling can be uncomfortable at times, but I know the commitment to counseling and working together collaboratively can help you feel better.

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